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A learning ecosystem that nurtures natural learning

At Misty Meadows we celebrate that each and every child is in an ongoing process of self-assembling their own unique understanding of how their world works through actively engaging with all of the aspects of their environment.

The primary purpose of our school is to be an environment that supports and enables each child to optimally construct their own learning. We support each child to learn how to manage their own minds, bodies, emotions and time, so that they are actively invested in creating truly meaningful lives for themselves. 

Misty Meadows offers a rich ecosystem of inputs into each child's construction of their own understanding (learning); including:

  • a wide range of peers and interesting elders and guides,

  • a variety of models and inspiration to catalyse deeper thinking and understanding,

  • a variety of practical experiences and physical activities,

  • a variety of creative activities,

  • a variety of awareness expanding activities,

  • a wide variety of tools and resources to learn with and from,

  • a beautiful natural environment to learn in; and

  • plenty of time and space to put one's conceptual understanding into practice through play and participation.

We recognise that you cannot make children learn - no child will remember anything that they do not actively choose to learn, even if they are taught it, so we do not waste time and energy on forcing children to learn things that they are not interested in knowing or understanding (yet). We trust that they will choose to know the things that are important to their own success, when they are ready to know these things.

Our school is designed to be responsive to feedback loops - always doing more of what we observe is working, and less of what is not working effectively, exactly like a natural ecosystem does.

This school is for families who realise that real learning is a process that is more beautiful, complex and nuanced than what the mainstream learning monoculture offers children. If you intuitively know that your child needs more freedom to construct richer and deeper meaning and understanding for him or herself, then this is the school for you. 

Our mission is to support each child in our ecosystem to KNOW who they choose to be, and how to be the best and most capable version of that self, as well as to support them to develop the creative, intellectual, practical, social and emotional skills they might need to thrive as active participants in our rapidly evolving modern world.

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