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Quality organic education cannot be limited to those who can afford to attend expensive private schools in South Africa. For this reason we are committed to keeping our school fees reasonable and in line with government funded alternatives. We are grateful for any donations that people are willing to offer to support our school.

In particular we are seeking sponsors for individual children from disadvantaged backgrounds. R30,000 will sponsor a child for a year. We can pair you with specific children whose progress you can follow directly, or alternatively you could contribute to our scholarship fund.

We have partnered with The Zoe Education Trust in the UK to facilitate donations from foreign donors. The Zoe Trust is a small UK trust run by volunteers, so every penny donated via Zoe Trust will go directly to school fees. You can donate a monthly amount or once off. A donation of GBP70 per month will fully sponsor a child's education at our school. You will also be eligible for UK tax benefits. Please follow this link if you are a foreign donor:

We are also constantly seeking donations towards building and equipping our learning environment. These donations can be cash, time or physical resources of some kind.

If you are interested in making a financial donation to our school, please contact us or make a payment to our bank account.



Misty Meadows School

FNB Howick: 220725

Account number: 62371140866

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