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Misty Meadows Farm, #14, D17, Dargle, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


PO Box 109, Dargle, 3265


-29.470561, 30.075910

Term Dates 2019


Wed 16 January - Fri 15 March


Wed 3 April - Fri 14 June

Public Holidays:

Friday 19 April (Good Friday)

Monday 22 April (Family Day)

Mon 29 Apr - Wed 1 May (long weekend for Freedom Day and Workers Day)


Wed 10 July - Fri 20 September

Public Holidays:

Fri 9 Aug (Women's Day)


Tues 8 October - Fri 6 December


 “If we change our fundamental metaphor for the education of children from the manufacture of a product to the flowering and fruiting of a plant – then we begin to see that our role is not to rigidly control each step in the process, but to create the conditions – the soil, the water, the light – under which human brilliance may unfold and flourish”. -Carol Black, Schooling the World

 “I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn”. - Einstein

"Most learning is not the result of instruction. It is rather the result of unhampered participation in a meaningful setting." - Ivan Illich

Misty Meadows School is about providing a group of children with the best possible conditions in which they can learn and grow. We are not limiting and prescriptive about exactly what and how children learn, but we provide them with access to a rich diversity of curiosity catalysts, perspectives, experiences, learning resources, support, guidance, encouragement and opportunities for collaboration with their peers in a beautiful physical environment – we call this "an enabling learning ecosystem".

Just as all seeds have the capacity to become beautiful flowers, but only those that receive sufficient sunlight, water and nutrients actually do, so do all children have the capacity to thrive, but they need the most enabling learning conditions to do so.

​Because each child needs something different from their learning ecosystem, we cannot build a school in the traditional sense of the word – with a fixed curriculum and focused on fixed results. Children need to customize their learning experience as they go along, so instead of focusing on what the school will teach children, we focus on how the school will function, so that customization of each child’s learning experience is an outcome of its functioning. This is how natural ecosystems operate - we aim to be a natural learning ecosystem for children.

Our school operating principles are the pattern that we will follow so that children can customise their learning outcomes.